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Welcome to my Blog!

Sorry that this post might not be all that interesting, but I feel like I don't need to write too big of an introduction considering my "About" page is so darn long. After many years I decided to get the Apav website back up to date, and having this handy blog might encourage me to visit the site more often. I've always wanted to write game reviews when videos would be too time consuming to make; this blog will probably become my outlet for that.

Before going over this updated website, I'd like to leave some evidence of my previous one. After discovering Wix around 2012, my 14 year old self decided to make a website. I wanted it to cover some of my YouTube stuff, primarily the AMVs I made on UniverseJakandDaxter, and the diverse content I made on Apav5. Over the years Apav5 became Apav, and UniverseJakandDaxter has been more of a side project (I don't plan on ever retiring from it though!). The site looked absolutely insane, because I wanted it to have my channel colors (red, white and blue). All I did was swap out the theme with primary colors, which I believe could have worked, but not with how I managed the text. It became extremely hard to read text (as you can see in the photo). Plus, as once I got more and more into gaming, it became near impossible to constantly update the site every time I made a new video. For a time I started just linking the playlist to my newest videos (which would have been much easier if Wix had the same YouTube Feed features it has today.)

This website is a complete do-over. I tried to take ideas and themes from the previous one, while not getting too out of hand with the colors. I'm loving the current blue-animated background, as it reminds me of some kind of PlayStation screensaver. Maybe if this blog ever gains some kind of community I'll add in a community forum, but right now I think what I have works. Feel free to let me know what you think, what I could add, or anything relating to my YouTube content. I'm always happy to getting comments.

Game On,


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